Historical Acts

In this version of the band, Albaluna embrace even more the traits of times long gone. The days of yore return to us through their thematic display of instruments, garments and demeanour.

When acting in medieval reenactment events, the band travels in time to take the form of Middle Ages’ troubadours and jongleurs, playing instruments that fit in the historical context and ambiance of the shows. Performing both fixed and itinerant street acts, the group may also appear on stages within the medieval fairs. Alongside the Middle Ages’ reenactments, Albaluna can also be found representing other historical periods, such as the Classical era (in Roman-themed festivals), the Modern Age (16th and 17th century fairs, as well as pirate-themed events) and the Contemporary era (19th century festivals).

Between 2010 and the present year Albaluna have released three full-length albums and two EPs: D’Antes (2010), Marca Antiga (2012), Alvorada da Lua (2014), Nau dos Corvos (2016), and Nau dos Corvos – Lado B (2017). The album tours reached multiple countries, including Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, India, and, obviously, Portugal. 

The band released the single Gargull in January 2019, marking the band's new era and anticipating a new original record.


Ruben Monteiro – Saz Bağlama, Hurdy Gurdy, Bagpipes

Raquel Monteiro – Medieval Vielle

Dinis Coelho – Djembe, Darbouka, Riq

Christian Marr’s – Bouzouki, Bassouki

Carla Costa – Tin Whistle, Bagpipes

Tiago Santos – Davul


Caminhos | Music Video | 2017

albaluna.pt@gmail.com | +351 965705922 | Portugal

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