Review at "Prata da Casa"

March, 2018

Highlight at the Torres Vedras magazine!

Ruben Monteiro will be the special guest for Chris Woods Orchestra in London


Ruben Monteiro will be the special guest for Chris Woods Orchestra in London at North American Guitar.

Ruben M. will contribute to this amazing ensemble with Afghan Rubab.

Sugestion of the week by Nuno Rogeiro at SIC NOTICIAS


Ruben Monteiro was the Sugestion of The Week at the Portuguese news Channel "Sic Noticias" by the words of Nuno Rogeiro.

Ruben Monteiro Trio at Portuguese National Radio TSF


3 new compositions were presented live for the first time at one of the most important Radio Stations in Portugal, TSF. You can listen trough the this link:…/co…/emissao/rubenmonteiro-9067541.html…

New Tour

Dec. 2017

Ruben M. is preparing a new work in solo format.

A new tour is being prepared for the presentation of this new work!

More dates on the way and a lot of guests in each concert!

Concert in Istanbul

Nov. 2017

Ruben M. will perform at Gitar Cafe in Istanbul, Turkey next 2nd December!

Carla Costa will be the special guest with hey bagpipes and flutes!

The program will approach traditional songs from Portugal and Turkey and also Ruben's Compositions for Hurdy Gurdy and Baglama!

Oct. 2017

A new video is available at the Media ---> Video section. It's a new composition for Hurdy Gurdy by Ruben Monteiro called "Lauranitza". This composition it's based in a 11/8 bar, a Bulgarian traditional rhythm call "Kopanitsa" with the incredible Hurdy Gurdy contructed by the amazing Galician luthier César Loureiro Sobral.

New Endorsement by Timber Tones

May, 2017

It is with great joy and pleasure that we communicate that Timber Tones is the new endorsement of Ruben Monteiro. RM will be the image and the representative of the brand on the website in Spain and soon in Portugal.

Ruben M. uses Timber Tones about 5 years, mainly the Groovy Tones, first for electric and acoustic guitar and later also for Aghan Rubab.

Timber Tones is a Luxury Pics brand that works with a lot of different materials to achieve any kind of tone that you could imagine.

Find out more about Timber Tones at:

Albaluna on the road 2017

March, 2017

And a new tour it's about to start with the Alabluna team.

With a new album, a new show, new songs, new instruments and a new scenario the band is ready to tour!

Find out more about this tour at

See you soon!

New Videos Available | A new project has born!

Dec. 2016

And a new project has born!Nashira joins ethnic instruments to electronic music!This is an experimental project that was presented with two special shows.Until we announce more dates we left two videos in the MEDIA-->VIDEOS section. Happy 2017!!

Modal Music Workshop in Lisbon

Nov. 2016

In November Ruben M. will offer a Modal Music Workshop in Lisbon.There will be time to explore the Western Modes and also for some Eastern flavours. Electric and acoustic instruments are allowed!

Albaluna new album - "Nau dos Corvos" released

July 2016

In past July the new Albaluna album was released in physically in Portugal, Spain, Germany and Italy and in all world trought the web at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. This album was composed, recorded, edited and mastered by Ruben Monteiro between 2015 December and 2016 July! "Nau dos Corvos" it's now available!

Albaluna on Tour 2016

May 2016

The Summer is there and Albaluna are on the road! This year our tour had started earlier and we are on the road since February!More to come! While I'm still working on editing and mixing "Nau dos Corvos" we have a lot of road to run! Check for more details and tour dates!

Albaluna at "Pipes and Whistles" Festival, Berlin, Germany

April 2016

Albaluna will be at "Pipes and Whistles" Festival in Berlin next 16th April preseting the new concert for the new album Tour!I'm preparing my Hurdy Gurdy, Bouzouki and Baglama for these new show.

New Video Available at Balcony TV Istanbul

April 2016

A new video is available at ​MEDIA--->Video section!In February during my stay in Istanbul i was special guest at the Balcony TV. Along with Dinis Coelho I recorded my new composition for Saz Baglama "Kuçuk Kalp." It was great to share my composition in a traditional instrument from that country.Soon we will return.   

New Video Available

January 2016

A new video is available at ​MEDIA--->Video section!It's an imporivsation in Makam Ussak with Afghan Rubab. This video was recorded at Alvão Mountain (Vila Real) in the North of Portugal. The sound come directly from the camera mic with no special treatment. More to come!

Ruben Monteiro and APC instruments

November 2015 | Portugal

APC instruments it's a very well known and prestigious portuguese brand of instruments. APC specializes in stringed instruments from Portugal and other parts of the world. APC and Ruben Monteiro are now partners and soon we can see and hear the new bouzouky that is currently being constructed to Ruben. More news soon!

Concert with Efrén López

Sept. 26, 2015 | Torres Vedras, Portugal

In the past 26th September Ruben Monteiro and Dorahoag joined Efrén López and Miriam Encinas for a special show.After an artistic residence and a few rehearsals the group was ready to present together compositions and arrangements from both.An awesome experience that we will have the oportunity to ear soon for sure.

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