Love, Wrath & Grief

In this version of the band, Albaluna present themselves as a fusion band, performing with as many antique instruments from various parts of the world as contemporary instruments. The six musicians reveal an energetic show, full of distinct musical aromas, inspired by the music of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, alongside North European folk, medieval music, and progressive rock.


The ambiance of this intense onstage act is fuelled by the band’s own creativity and unending energy, along with the profound intimacy and introspection offered by some more peaceful moments. The performances are suitable for theatres, concert halls, and folk, rock, or generalist music festivals.


This exquisite sound palette has been pleasing many audiences around the globe. With three edited albums, the most recent work - Amor, Ira & Desgosto ("Love, Wrath & Grief") - was released in 2019, while being presented already on diverse stages all over the country, as well as in Macao (China), Spain, India, France, Germany, Montenegro and Morocco.

Ruben Monteiro – Vocals, Hurdy-Gurdy, Saz Bağlama, Guitar

Raquel Monteiro – Vocals, Violin

Dinis Coelho – Djembe, Darbouka, Dahola, Bendir, Adufe, Daf, Riq

Christian Marr’s – Vocals, Bass, Bouzouki

Carla Costa – Tin Whistle, Bagpipes

Tiago Santos – Drums

Additional musician:

Luís Runa - Keyboards


Albaluna | Amor, Ira & Desgosto
Music Video | 2019 | +351 965705922 | Portugal

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